Stainless Steel Bollards


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Make Safety a Top Priority with Stainless Steel Bollards

If you consider all the times you have encountered bollards in your day, you may be surprised by how universal they really are. Safety and security may not be glamorous work, but it is essential to the running of our society and stainless steel bollards are one of many effective ways to achieve this. Some of the most common uses for steel bollards include:

  • Protecting pedestrians in shared vehicle zones
  • Directing traffic
  • Speed control around bends
  • Increased visibility at night with reflective strips
  • Restricted access to premises with removable bollards

View our full range of bollards on site, including parking bollards and removable bollards. From government and council applications to private businesses, our Melbourne-based team can advise on the right security solutions for your needs. Call us on 1300 854 010 to learn more.


Why Choose Stainless Steel Bollards?

There’s a variety of bollard materials in the market to choose from, so what makes stainless steel the top choice? Stainless steel bollards are incredibly strong and can withstand most heavy impacts. Even if the worst should occur and your bollard is hit, you can be sure it’s going to remain standing. Stainless steel is also a very low maintenance choice. It withstands rust, stains and lasts well in all weather conditions.

Enforcer Group use top-grade stainless steel to manufacture our bollards, including both our in-ground and removable styles. We are 100% Australian owned and operated with premises in both Melbourne and Sydney. Our local manufacturing and quality control ensure every Enforcer Group product is created to the highest standards and perfectly suits our customers’ needs.


Contact Our Melbourne Team

For over a decade, Enforcer Group have been industry leaders in Car Park and Traffic Safety solutions. For more information on stainless steel bollards, or any of our other products, please contact us on 1300 854 010 or via email at