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  • Rubber Wheel Stops
  • Recycled Wheel Stops
  • Plastic Wheel Stops
  • Poly Wheel Stops
  • Truck Wheel Stops


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At Enforcer Group we have a range of wheel stops that will suit any situation. All our wheel

stops comply with Australian standards.



Wheel stops may be provided where it is considered necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle into a parking space. Note they should be avoided in any situation where they may be in the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles, or crossing a car park for any other purpose.

Wheel Stops shall not obstruct accessible travel paths for people with disabil...

A Comprehensive Range of Wheel Stops for Melbourne, Sydney and Beyond

As a society, we would be lost without our vehicles. It’s hard to think how we would cope without them, going to and from our jobs, transporting heavy items, travelling to new, exciting locations. It’s important to remember, however, that they can pose a serious threat to both those behind the wheel, and those on the streets. Speed limits aren’t always observed, assigned parking areas aren’t obeyed, drivers become enraged and disregard road rules. It is in these moments that those responsible for car parks, roads and other areas must have the resources available to them to intervene.

At the Enforcer Group, we offer a comprehensive range of wheel stops for our clients across Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.


Our Wheel Stops Range

The nature of road accidents vary, and so, too, must the equipment to prevent or minimise them. Enforcer Group have items available that can prepare you for any scenario, from incredibly strong polyethylene, recycled plastic, and much more that prove far more effective than traditional concrete models.


Poly Wheel Stops

  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS2890.1
  • Built with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • 1650mm x 100mm x 150mm
  • 4.5kgs
  • Ultra violet stabilised
  • Easy installation
  • Concrete & asphalt fixings


Plastic Wheel Stops

  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS 2890.1
  • Solid construction of environmentally friendly, recycled plastics
  • 1650mm x 100mm x 115mm
  • Patented shape that is both smart & simple
  • Class 1 Diamond Grade reflective panels
  • 11kgs
  • Able to withstand harsh climates
  • Concrete & asphalt fixings


Rubber Wheel Stops

  • Complies with Australian Standards AS2890.1
  • Made from environmentally friendly, recycled rubber
  • 1650mm x 100mm x 150mm
  • Easy installation
  • Able to withstand harsh climates
  • Concrete & asphalt fixings


For More on Rubber, Plastic, Poly & Concrete Wheel Stops

Our unique, durable designs are only the beginning. We have installation services available throughout the Melbourne area, deliver the most economoical options available, and have an extensive range of road safety products on offer, including convex mirrors, line marking services, and road spikes. Learn more today by calling 1300 854 010.

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