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Enforcer One Way Road Spikes

Enforcer One Way Road Spikes


Road Spikes Ahead Sign

Road Spikes Ahead Sign


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Quality One Way Access Road Spikes for Sale across Australia

Road spikes are an important feature for any area with a high traffic volume. Enforcer Group has high-quality one-way access road spikes for sale. Our unique open design eliminates the build-up of road dirt and stones that cause normal one way spikes to fail.

These road spikes have an easy installation process, and we even have brands that are easily repaired on site without having to remove the spike from the road.

If you’re looking for sturdy and long-lasting one-way access road spikes, look no further. Enforcer Group can provide you with the road spikes you need.


Get One Way Access Road Spikes for Better Traffic Control

A one-way access road spike is a great way to control traffic especially in small areas that have high volumes of vehicles. When a vehicle approaches in the right direction the spikes are angled so it won’t puncture the tyres; the opposite is true for vehicles approaching from the wrong direction.

One-way road spikes are a great tool for deterring road users from making illegal turns and navigating them in the right direction. We can even help with the installation services in the Melbourne area.

It is crucial for high traffic areas like the Melbourne CBD to have appropriate traffic control measures. Aside from that, road spikes can also help prevent collisions and accidents from vehicles driving in the wrong direction. Don’t hesitate when it comes to the safety of road users and invest on our one way access road spikes today.


Order Road Spikes from Australia’s Preferred Provider: Enforcer Group

Browse our website to have a look at one-way access road spikes that are for sale. We offer a free delivery to all Australian capital cities and major regional areas, as well as a wealth of Car Park and Traffic Safety solutions, including parking bollards, wheel stoppers, and speed humps. For all our trade customers, feel free to call us on 1300 854 010 for a chat about project pricing or to figure out options that best suit the needs of your project.