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Enforcer Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Car Park and Traffic Safety products. Proudly Australian owned, we have operated from warehouses based in Melbourne for over a decade, but are capable of sending our products to every corner of the nation. Enforcer Group is operated by real people, in real factories, with real products in stock. We are certain that we have either the items or services on offer to satisfy whatever requirements you might have. Our professionals are also experts in the industry, and are always available to provide insight into best practice measures, installation services within the Melbourne area, and more.

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Solutions for Every Possible Car Park and Traffic Safety Issue


When it comes to Car Park and Traffic Safety products and services, we believe it is important for us as a manufacturer and supplier to diversify our offerings as much as possible. Every possible situation in these environments must be accounted for, and a range of solutions needs to be made available in order to prevent disruptions and disasters.

In our range, you will find:


Consult with the Professionals in the Industry

If you are uncertain about what particular services or products would best service your needs, our friendly staff are experts in the industry, and would be more than happy to discuss our range further. Contact us today by calling 1300 854 010. We look forward to hearing from you.