Wheel Stops Buying Guide


At Enforcer Group we have a range of wheel stops that will suit any situation. All our wheel

stops comply with Australian standards.


Enforcer Poly wheel stops

The Enforcer Poly wheel stop is made of the same durable material (LLDPE) as your rain

water tanks, has a 5 year warranty against ultra violet light (sun damage) which is perfect for

Australian conditions. Being slightly flexible this product is most suitable for asphalt or

gravel surfaces outside carparks. 100% recyclable.

• Best for outdoor gravel, asphalt carparks
Available in Yellow and Blue

Recycled Plastic Railway wheel stops

The Recycled Plastic Railway wheel stops is made from 100% recycled plastic and is a solid

and extremely durable wheelstop. It’s ultimate strength makes it our strongest wheel stop

for concrete surfaces even though it is also suitable of asphalt.

• Best for heavy duty use on concrete carparks
Available in Black, Yellow or Grey

Recycled Rubber wheel stops

Rubber wheel stops have been on the market for quite a while but has suffered overall

durability issues due to the yellow chevron stickers wearing from the impact of car tyres. The

Enforcer group has redesigned the rubber wheel stop to have rebated yellow chevrons, thus

increasing durability and wear and tear.

• Best for matching existing jobs


Concrete wheel stops

At Enforcer group we do not stock concrete wheelstops. Concrete wheel stops are largely

obsolete because of their weight and freight costs. They also easily crack if they are not

mounted on a 100% level and smooth surface. Older style concrete wheel stops (150mm

high) do not comply with Australian standards and the newer ones (100mm) tend to crack

and chip and are generally not as durable.



If you are still unsure which wheel stop is right for you, why not give us a call on

1300 85 40 10 and we’ll be happy to advise on the best product for your situation.